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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And the winner is... Daniel Thor, Täby, Sweden

You may have read below about TalkShoe's live contest following Leo Laporte & Amber MacArthur's Talkcast (net @nite) debut a couple of weeks ago - and a winner named Daniel. So Daniel who? you might say...

Meet Daniel Thor, a Masters student from Täby, Sweden.

Daniel is sporting the first prize - TalkShoe gear - together with one of the rune stones in Täby, Sweden. "We have a lot of old rune stones here that date back to the middle ages when Vikings roamed the land." Daniel told us. "Each stone tells a story through their inscriptions and this particular stone was raised by "Torbjörn" and "Ingetora" as a tribute to their father sometime in the 11th century according to a sign near by."

Perhaps Daniel should hold a Live Interactive Podcast about the ancient Nordic magical alphabet of 24 symbols, which are used for divination of the future, performing magic, or evoking Norse deities?

Congratulations Daniel! You look smart in AND magical in that TalkShoeSuit :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cliff Ravenscraft of Generally Speaking Podcast Network uses TalkShoe

Cliff Ravenscraft, producer of the Generally Speaking Podcast Network, is now using TalkShoe to create several live interactive podcasts. He's been podcasting since December of 2005 and has more than 8,000 subscribers from all over the world.

Cliff' was TalkShoe's #1 host in term of downloads the past 2 weeks.
Search for "Cliff" and Chime In on his Talkcasts!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Did we survive Leo's Army?

In the first episode of the (tongue twister for sure) Talk to the TalkShoe Team talkcast - "Did we survive Leo's Army?" which was held immediately following the Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur net@night inagural netcast we had ~40 participants - both streaming to just listen and more than a dozen on the phones and in the TalkShoe Live! interactive environment. We honestly didn't think any of you would want to talk to us no-names :)

We introduced a couple of the guys who were manning the battlestations at TalkShoe and what they did to prepare for the onslaught of the net@night premier. And we talked about how Leo's Army and Amber's net@night loyal following were successful in overtaking the TalkShoe fortress in Wexford. While we didn't crash (as Leo mentions) , our website and back-end servers certainly lost the battle and we surrendered to the "No (soup) Shoe for You" page.

Near the end, we moved the discussion to our first TalkShoe contest. I challenged the participants to estimate the force of Leo's army on the live show. The contestants were told if they won, they must adorn themselves with the TalkShoe garmets they would win as the prize and send us a picture for our website... and we would do our best to make them famous! The guesses were:

  • Chuck_PA: 2001
  • Daniel: 736
  • EndUser 101: 1750
  • Jeff Chan: 2001
  • Joel_O: 898
  • Julian: 900
  • Musclemacman: 6533
  • Mike B. : 1250
  • Nation: 3140
  • Paulius: 1500
  • Robert: 2400

So results are in and Daniel wins!!! There were 165 participants in TalkShoe Live! (109 streaming and 56 on the telephone) and 264 participants streaming from the website - for a grand total of 429 participants. We'll be sending Daniel a TalkShoe shirt and TalkShoe hat (beta limited editions!) as soon as we get a shirt size and mailing address.

And ftr, TalkShoe had 3447 unique visitors that day, with at least one other very well-attended show immediately prior to net@night {The Andrews-Reiter Epilepsy Research Program} and several other shows with ~100 participants. So our best estimate is ~1888 showed up for the Leo & Amber inagural net@night netcast. And if we were better at this scaling game, Chuck_PA & Jeff Chan would have had a TalkShoe Shootout... so consolation prizes (Promoting Your Podcast books by Jason Van Orden) to them as well.

Hope you will join us on our next Talk to the TalkShoe Team talkcast!

Friday, November 03, 2006

The 1st net@nite show on TalkShoe

The new 'net @ nite' Talkcast with Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur will be premiering this Sunday, November 5th, at 9:00 PM. We expect this even to be extremely well attended, and will certainly exceed TalkShoe records for number of people listening, talking and chatting.
Here are a couple of tips:
1. Sign up as a TalkShoe user Now
2. Download the software Now
to avoid the rush of last minute downloaders when the website is busy.
3. If you receive a busy signal on the live phone conference, that means the TalkShoe Live phone conference is at capacity. You can then:
- Open TalkShoe Live and Listen along and text-chat
- Go to the 'net @ nite' Talkcast page and Listen-only (stream)
4. Host your own show after the show (you can make money doing this)
5. Tell your friends about TalkShoe

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

PodCamp Pittsburgh - Sponsored by TalkShoe

Join us at the next PodCamp -- Pittsburgh: November 10-12 2006
TalkShoe was a sponsor of the 1st PodCamp in Boston earlier this year. It was great!
We're delighted to also be a sponsor of the Pittsburgh PodCamp.
Come talk to fellow professional, amateur and newbie podcasters.

In conjunction with Pittsburgh Filmmakers and Three Rivers Film Festival!

Dates and Locations!
Friday, Nov 10, 2006: Evening Meet-n-Greet, 6-8 PM @ The Art Institute of PittsburghSaturday, Nov 11, 2006: 9 AM - 5 PM @ Pittsburgh FilmmakersSaturday Night Dinner: @ Bossa Nova (Time TBA)Sunday, Nov 12, 2006: 9 AM - 5 PM @ Pittsburgh Filmmakers