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TalkShoe's website allows you to create and participate in multi-person live interactive podcasts and voice discussions. People use our system for discussion groups, talk shows, friends and family calls, and the like. We call these Talkcasts.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Release of TalkShoe website

A new release has been loaded onto the TalkShoe website. New features include:

- Displaying Upcoming Talkcast episodes
- Ability to delete Talkcasts and episodes (contact
- Listening to recorded Talkcasts no longer requires Sign Up
- Completely revised About section
- Press Room (in About)
- Lots more recorded Talkcasts (food, news, sports, TV, religion, etc.)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Skypecasts compared to TalkShoe

People have asked how TalkShoe compares to Skypecasts. Here's a comparison.

- Multi-person voice conferences
- Directory listing
- Searching and browsing

Differences - TalkShoe includes:
- Recording calls
- Talking via telephone, cell phone, and VoIP or Skype
- Paying hosts based upon number of listeners
- Inviting people to a specific show
- Integrated chat

Accessing TalkShoe using Skype

Several people have asked about if/how they can use Skype to connect to TalkShoe.

Yes, you can use Skype.

However, some people have reported problems. In general, these are related to entering numbers (DTMF audible tones) for the Talkcast ID and 10-digit PIN. Skype has recognized this issue, and has stated great improvements in the latest version. We are not experiencing 100% success with the newest version, and neither are many Skype users across the globe. It seems like they are making progress but not all the way there yet. We recommend updating to the latest version if you have not done so already (Skype 2.5 beta version).

Friday, June 16, 2006 is now LIVE!

It's an exciting day for us at TalkShoe! Our initial closed beta is over. We're now officially Live, though still in a beta state. So please use the website and email us your comments.
Check out TechCrunch to read about us.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Great Pittsburgh Steelers Talkcast!

Tonight we had two (2) Pittsburgh Steelers (Brett Keisel & Max Starks) on a Talkcast for over one hour. There were 20+ people on the Talkcast. We talked about the Steelers, T.O., meeting George Bush, the World Cup, Pitt Panthers, choosing colleges, and much more. Even Max's mom was on the call. That's the fun and power of TalkShoe.

Check out the recorded Talkcast on under Listen - Featured Talkcasts.