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TalkShoe's website allows you to create and participate in multi-person live interactive podcasts and voice discussions. People use our system for discussion groups, talk shows, friends and family calls, and the like. We call these Talkcasts.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

So how do you know if you are a candidate for a TalkShoe host?

We think we’ll get both lots of casual talkers and on the other end of the spectrum professional Hosts. But we think the fundamental characteristic of any host will be PASSION – those who have a passion for something, be it a hobby, a sport, an occupation, or an ideal, often when people are passionate, they want to share that passion with others. When you hear passion perhaps you think of fanatical, avid, enthusiasm, and excitement! We hope so… Other characteristics of Hosts will be those that are entrepreneurial (you know we pay Hosts money), are knowledgeable about some niche topic. Perhaps you are a self-promoter or business builder and are looking for other avenues to markets yourself or your products & services though other channels.


  • At 7/07/2006 8:03 PM, Blogger Bill Quigley and Art Blanchet said…

    Just spent 50 minutes with Dave Nelsen, Founder and CEO of TalkShoe, as he personally walked me through the Hosting process. Dave was an excellent host himself - and a terrific tour guide. He moved forward unrushed and unhurried (though I'm certain he had many alternative tasks with which he could have been occupied) as he moved me through the very simple, extremely intuitive software - and he answered every one of my questions to my complete satisfaction.

    The Hosting platform itself requires a learning curve of less than 20 minutes. I want to pause an let that sink in...(pause, pause, pause)... In 20 minutes, I could be hosting an interactive podcast show that is recorded and MP3 formatted and automatically distributed/syndicated to all the right places - and I all needed to know was how to dial a phone and open a website! After what I've been through the past 8 months trying to make sense of Audacity, conversion of WAV to MP3, RSS feeds, FTP whatever, uploading large files, choosing a host company (after I had figured out that I actually NEEDED a host) and all the other brain-frying junk that goes with podcasting...this was a huge shot in the arm and a massive relief!

    I have to figure by now that I know more about podcasting than 99.9% of the general population, but only about 1% of what "real" podcasters know. Most folks have heard of iPods by now and know they have something to do with music - maybe. The term "podcasting" draws blank stares from anyone over 22. Even only last fall I didn't know an iPod from a iDiot (which is what I felt like). Well, the rest of the world is where I was in September 2005 - they don't know and don't care - or have the TIME to care. That's where Dave Nelsen and TalkShoe come in...

    Dave and Co. have simplified the podcasting experience so ALL can enjoy and participate. He is the ONLY person I have contacted in the industry so far that spoke to me without all the jargon, the nomenclature, and the verbal encryption that makes getting podcasting help nearly impossible. Dave is the first guy who enabled me to ask questions - and get them answered - without my having to be tech-savvy or wish I were. This "podcasting for the masses" is a great idea and he's put the wheels in motion to turn it into a sure-fire reality. Thanks for the help and encouragement.

    We'll be talking' at ya soon.

    Art Blanchet
    Co-Host, with Bill Quigley, of


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