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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Podcast User Magazine features TalkShoe

TalkShoe was featured in a story in this month’s Podcast User Magazine - PUM Issue #12. Read the TalkShoe Article or go to the Podcast User Magazine website

Quote from the article: “Back in 2005 when I started my podcast, Skype was the main accessory that every podcaster had to use. In 2006, it was MySpace. Now as we enter the New Year, I believe that TalkShoe will be the podcasters tool of choice for 2007.”

The story was written by Lance Anderson, who among other things is the head of the LA Podcasters group, and uses TalkShoe. PUM is the largest podcasting magazine on the web.

Lance interviewed about a dozen TalkShoe hosts to gather information for his article. We’d like to publicly thank those hosts. Their names and Talkcast links are listed below.

Lance Anderson (Podcast User Magazine: Interview) – full host interview

Art Blanchet (Your Home, Your Money)

John Buehler (Rebuilding Eden)

Victor Cajaio (Typical Mac User Podcast Live)

Carter Harkins (Conversational Podcasting)

Philip Gatlin (BBN: Growing Business and Making Money)

Kain (Tech Bytes)

Scott Kurtz (PVP Live Podcast)

Leo Laporte (net@ nite)

Mike Connor (Connor's Corner - EMC2 and Santuary)

Paul Stanton (Home Business Radio Internet Talk Show)


  • At 1/15/2007 10:00 AM, Blogger Krishna De said…

    Dave - I just wanted to thank you for an excellent interview you did with Biz Growth Live just before Christmas where talked about podcasting for profit.

    You can access the 70 minute audio of the interview here:

    I'm also hosting an interview for with the host of the European Corporate Podcasting Summit and the US Corporate Podcasting Summit on Monday 22 January 2007 which you may find interesting as we will be discussing the how podcasting can build buzz about your corporate brand.

    Thanks once again Dave and I wish you continued success in 2007 with Talk Shoe.


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